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BEIJING, May 9 (Reuters) - National mandatory solitude period, Argentina was planned to terminate on the 10tthey would of this month. Argentine Chief executive Fernandez said on the 8tthey would, the capital of Buenos Aires quarantine period will become extended to May 24, but the rest of the country restrictions will become relaxed. masks for COVID-19

reported that the 8th Fernandez said in a televised speech, scheduled for the end of the 10-time quarantine measures will continue in the capital and its suburbs. coronavirus masks for sale.

Fernandez said he was rigorous conformity with Argentine measures was "very happy" and stated that these procedures to help the federal government obtain the shape flattens instances and deaths goals.

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Best n95 masks for coronavirus,It was reported that Argentina since March 20 began to apply quarantine procedures. During the Argentine government provides repeatedly expanded period of quarantine methods in the nation. mask for coronavirus for sale canada.

best coronavirus face masks,As of 8 local time, Argentina offers elevated to 5611 situations of confirmed situations, of which 293 people died.

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